Open kitchens are the in-thing in the market, and you can see why. There’s something elegant and bold about displaying the kitchen items rather than hiding them behind thick doors. Even your jar of pulses is a showpiece if you know how to get the right effect.  Interior Designers in Coimbatore  are receiving more and more requests to design different and trendy shelves for kitchens. Most clients these days want open shelves so that they can display their collections with love and pride. From ceramics to glass, nothing needs to be hidden in your lovely kitchen.  Farmhouse Style- Rustic and Sturdy  Designers at FINELOOK INTERIOR   have a perfect idea for those who love rustic models and countryside look. And you don’t need to do much either. Just get thick and sturdy wooden boards and nail them onto the kitchen walls. You can have either one shelf or more, depending on the space. The wooden boards will bring a nice contrast to ceramic, stone, and glass containers/ jars. Place a couple


  astel colors are relaxing to the eyes, and they help you escape the worldly chaos and emerge in them. How about introducing pastels in your home interiors? When you are on this page, indeed, you have decided to explore the choices and ideas to transform your home into an abode of serenity and tranquility with modern pastels and just in search of the right combination for a harmonious balance. Keep reading till the end and be inspired by the designs suggested by the FINELOOK interior designers. Embrace Pink Against the White In a white interior, add the touch of pink as curtains or a pink couch to create a peaceful and calm ambiance. A pink sofa is well suited for a living room. Try using cushions in the same color for an extended appeal. Experiment with The Blue Create a sophisticated and clean environment in your living room with shades of pastel blue. You will be astounded by the freshness and elegance that it brings.  Interior Designers in Coimbatore  suggest that you can choose j


  Modular Vs Semi-modular Kitchen Okay, the term “semi-modular kitchen” may sound quite new to many of you. It is because, in India, “ Modular kitchen ” is the term that is used all-purposely by many for any kitchen, irrespective of what actually its design is. But, between the two, modular and semi-modular Kitchen, the differences and variations are quite a lot. When it comes to making a big decision, in terms of selecting between the two, being well-informed about their differences, pros and cons,  cost variations , etc. is the key. So, we at FINELOOK, have got a comprehensive guide to give you all the details that are needed about these two kitchens. Read on and make the best choice!!! What is a Modular Kitchen? A Modular kitchen is one that can be totally dismantled and put together in a new home or apartment as you want and when you want. In this type of kitchen, every module is made in the factory and all that would be done at the site is assembling and fixing..   Pros of Modular


  1. Decide your Space A work area needs a peaceful, quiet, and private space which just creates a perfectly balanced environment. Locating your work room near your front entrance makes an easy flow for your client. Also personalise your space with ample seating to comfort your clients.  Office Interior Coimbatore 2. Make a list of your needs Before creating a home  office design  layout make sure you made a list of all critical items, whatever essentials you need for all your work . Hopefully this will save you from hustling at the final minute. 3. Space and Storage Well organize and cluttered work space can save you from unwanted stress. Of course you don’t want your office to look mucky with papers and files scattered all over your room. Have streamlined efficient storage with big enough cabinets and racks and make it look creative and artful. This will help you to easily access them and also avoid that messy look. 4. Lighting and balance Having plenty of natural light at your work


  Nautical bathroom designs and decors are paradises to people who love the sea or ocean. They are gaining popularity among homeowners who want to bring the beach ambiance to their homes. With a few tricks and tips, you can have a nautical bathroom in your home. This blog is crafted to tell you how to materialize your desire for a sea-worthy style at home. FINELOOK   Interior Designers in Coimbatore  has worked on a few notable projects and stylized many interiors in Coimbatore with nautical-themed designs. Here we share a few inspiring design ideas to create a seal-like experience in your home. Bathroom in A Yacht Create a yacht-like bathroom with seashell-inspired wallpapers for the walls. Reputed interior designers in Coimbatore recommend trying some cold tone amidst and blue decorative accents to reinforce an under-the-sea feeling. Sea-Themed Single Element Restroom


  Home Your idea of the perfect living room can look very different from the living rooms of your friends. While it is up to you to decide on the theme and design style of the room, we can help you select the right color for the walls so that your furniture and your walls are in perfect harmony. The first impression that your guest receives from your home is from your living room. Also, the living room is where you return to in order to unwind with your loved ones. Here are some of our color options that are our designer’s favorite for building the ideal Indian home decorator.  Blue The Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is a frontrunner in this competition to adorn your living room walls. This color is said to symbolize one’s best qualities – like trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. It is also beneficial and works wonderfully in setting the right mood with its serenity or stark depth – depending on the shade you choose. With all these pointers to keep in mind, doesn’t it seem to be th


  Today, we’re discussing the TV unit design for your home. You’ll find it super valuable. TV unit is one of the most important part of your home interior design. be it a living room tv unit or bedroom tv unit, you have to give proper attention to the design of you tv unit in order to make your room look more beautiful. Today, we’re going to discuss how to pick the right tv unit design and things you should need to consider before finalising you tv unit The tv console must fulfil two important requirements. It must be functional And it must look good and match the overall theme of your interior design. Before we look at each of the aspect mentioned above, let’s discuss why do you really need tv unit? Well, first and foremost to place your tv. Honestly, with technology available today such as amazon fire stick and other devises you can get away with just hanging your tv on the wall without any kind of console. But, the tv unit is also a very important part of the interior design of your